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 teeth in dreams
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Teeth in Dreams

Hello I'am 16 years old and I have been having very bad dreams. Every time I go to sleep I have bad dreams.

(1)The first dream was about my teeth falling out.

(2)The second was me on a train platform and when I looked up there were skeleton heads looking at me.

(3)The third dream was about my dead grandmother telling me to come with her. She told me to take her hand and everything would be ok.

(4) Fourth I've been having this reoccuring dream since I was 7 about me in the middle of something. I'm not sure what it is I think it's trains going past me very fast and I can't move and I'm very scared in the dream.

(5) Fifth I had a dream that my wrists were slit and bleeding but I didn't know how.

Those are the dreams I've been having ever since I was 7 years old when my cousin died. I have been seeing a shadow always watching over me. What does all this all mean?

Thank you for your dreams. It seems as though they all have similar themes. You must analyse these symbols for yourself but I can tell you what they might mean.

teeth falling out- unable to talk?

skeleton heads - fear of death?

train platform - waiting to go?

wrists bleeding - life force is draining from you

slit wrists - usually self-inflicted

All of the above symbols seem to be about death, fear of death, feeling like you are dying. Is this a self-inflicted state? Is it possible that the feeling you get from the teeth falling out might be causing you to feel like you are dying ? Maybe this is about feeling like you are dying emotionally? Have you been dealing with depression? If not, you should think about what these dreams are trying to tell you. The dream about your grandmother might be about you looking for a way out or looking for some comfort. Grandparents can represent comfort and caring. You need to think about the feeling you get when you think of your grandmother. The fourth dream about not being able to move might suggest that you feel unable to control or shape your world. It might be you feel caught in the midst of chaos all around you.

If you do feel depressed, find someone to talk to about it. If you can't talk to a professional, talk to a friend, a sibling, a relative or parent. It is very important that you talk to someone about your feelings, often just talking can help you get rid of bad thoughts and dreams. The other way is to write it all out in a journal. Write down everything you are feeling. This will help you to express it and get it off your chest.

Another trick is to re-write your dreams with happy endings. Think about each dream and re-write each one, changing the events making sure they turn out positive. You can use your imagination to create an exiting, fun dream world instead of a dark one. Just remember, you are creating these dreams and you can re-create them too.

Try all of these things but if you are still feeling down, make sure you talk to someone, remember, your teeth haven't really fallen out!

I have dreams that all of my teeth are falling and blood is coming down. Or they just fall for no reson, with no blood or anything falling down but my teeth.. what dose that mean? I also have dreams about my ex-boyfriend and I having sex what does that mean?

Teeth dreams are very common and usually relate to a person's self image. You might view yourself as looking bad. The blood often represents your life force, so with the blood coming down, you might feel like you are sufferring emotionally or losing your zest for life. Having dreams about your ex might simply be wishful dreaming. The other possibility is that you are having dreams of sex because you are physically desiring sex and so you make that desire into a dream.

Last night I had a dream all my teeth fell out I have never had a dream like this before and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it for me! What does it mean??

It is interesting that you have dreamt this, you are the second person this week to have this same dream. Teeth are one of those symbols that seems to be very common. When you think of teeth, it is a part of you that is exposed, that is seen by the public, just like your public image. This picture of teeth falling out brings certain feelings up. Teeth falling out could give a feeling of insecurity, or vulnerability or weakness. Perhaps you feel that you have been seen as vulnerable by others. Think about the image. Write down how it makes you feel. Where in your life have you been feeling that same emotion? That might give you some clues.

Please send me some information or give me some links regarding teeth falling out. It is a recurring dream that has been with me for more than 10 years.

Dreaming of teeth is a very common dream. Often teeth in dreams are related to words or verbal behavior. This symbol could be different for you personally though. Sometimes teeth might represent public image or how you are seen by others. So teeth falling out might represent careless words being spoken that might be harmful to yourself and others and that might reflect badly on you. The message is usually a warning to correct this practice.

I thought this nightmare was really bizarre. It started I was in Disney world or some place of the sort, having fun with friends. My fiancee was also there and everything was wonderful. All of a sudden as we are walking around, a group of 'gang members' reproach my fiancee for looking at one of their girlfriend's, both of us are terribly scared since they looked like the sort of people you see in movies, who would just kill you for no reason at all... My fiancee just lowers his head in hopes of not upsetting these people further, but I tried to make light of it and make some dumb joke about how "he already has me, I am sure he was not looking in the way you think" (something like that I don't remember the dialogue very well). Next, all hell breaks loose and they start beating my boyfriend while I ran for cover. When the fight is over I go desperately looking for my fiancee, when we find each other he looks fine (didn't look like he had been beaten) and it's then that I notice that they had pulled all of his fingernails to the point where they looked like long huge nails, but were still attached; and his teeth had been horribly damaged, they looked like dentures just dangling off his mouth (gum and teeth dangling). We searched for an ambulance and found a little first aid area. The nurse there immediately sees the severity of the wounds and offers to drive us herself in an ambulance parked nearby. After driving for what seemed like a very long time, through some of the worst areas in town (and nearly being mugged by some beggar girl who approaches the window and starts banging at it and screaming for money) the car stops. At that very moment I see a bloddy gun in the '"nurse's" hand. I immediately jump off the car and scream for my boyfriend to do the same, but it's too late. I actually see the gun firing and his head jerking as it reaches him. At that! moment I woke frantic, desperate and panting...It was one of the worst, most realistic of my dreams ever. The strange thing is that once up I immediately called nearly crying, and I caught him as he was turning off his phone to board a plane (he was going on a bussiness trip). It's probably not a coincidence that I am TERRIFIED of flying, but I thouht my dream was just too complex to be just that...Can you help me please?

Your dream is very complex, you can begin to analyse your dream by asking yourself some questions:

1. What emotions did you feel upon awakening?

2. What real-life memories does this dream remind you of?

3. Consider the setting.

4. Are there any colors in the dream? If so, what are your associations to these colors?

5. Consider the major symbols and phrases in the dream.

6. Consider the traits of the other people in the dream, could they represent parts of yourself?

It is difficult for someone else to interpret your symbols but I will go through them to give you some ideas:

Disney World - this setting seems to be a place of fun and leisure

fiancee - love

lowering of head - shy, submissive,vulnerable

joking - reassuring

fiancee attacked - love attacked?

beaten and fingernails pulled out - hurt and tortured, loss of self-defense

teeth dangling - loss of self-image or bad use of words

little first aid - little help available

nurse - helper/healer

driving long time - life journey

bad areas of town - bad parts of life

begging girls, want money - needy girl

bloody gun - already used gun, gun could represent anger/temper

shooting - emotional expression

The setting of your dream seems to indicate the message is about your leisure activities. The love of your life which could be a part of yourself is portrayed as submissive and vulnerable. Your love is being attacked, hurt and tortured. It (or you) is sufferring a loss of self image and a loss of defenses possibly due to things you have said. The helper/healer in you finds minimal help and is driving you along I(in control) and taking you through bad experiences. This might indicate that you are not doing a very good job of getting yourself help and you continue to expose yourself to possible attacks. There is a poor, needy part of you, banging on your window (trying to get you to listen) telling you that you need something represented by money. ( could be spiritual riches, literal money or your poorness could represent your poor spirit) The nurse shooting your love with a bloodied gun might represent this part of yourself who is not doing a very good job is killing your love ( a truer part of yourself?) Being shot in a dream can also indicate the dreamer is living a self-destructive life or doing self-destructive things.

Disclaimer: This site is meant to provide information only. We are not therapists but have done extensive research into the study of dreams. If you are distressed please seek professional help.

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