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The Symbol of a Fish in Dreams

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Fish In Dreams

The same night I dreamt about having a gun pulled on me, I also dreamt of fish on two different occasions in the same night. In the 1st instance, they were big fish, whole and uncooked fish. At some point I'm walking down some stairs as my mother's walking up. She throws one of the fish at me but it wasn't a whole fish but just the top part. The fishes mouth was wide open. I woke up yelling, "No" and kind of waving my hands. Then I dreamt about salmon but not the whole fish. There were many that had already been cut and cooked. Just hundreds of them.

In my family and in a lot of other ethnic backgrounds, people believe that when you dream of fish, someone's pregnant. do you agree? Does my mother throwing it at me mean it's someone close to us? if you can, please let me know. this has been buggin me! thank you so much!!

The fish symbol has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Pagan Great Mother Goddess. It is the outline of her vulva. The fish symbol was often drawn by overlapping two very thin crescent moons. One represented the crescent shortly before the new moon; the other shortly after, when the moon is just visible. It is probably where the idea of the fish being associated with pregnancy comes from.

The fish is also a religious symbol meaning Christianity.

In China a fish served whole is a symbol of prosperity.

The fish, particularly the salmon is associated with knowledge and intelligence. By eating the salmon it is believed you gain wisdom and knowledge. Dreaming of your mother could mean your consicience is bothering you about something. You will have to try to figure out what the fish means in your own dream. Why did it have it's mouth open? Why was she throwing it at you? Was she trying to "throw wisdom at you". Why was it just the top part of the fish that she gave you? What feelings did you have associated with it?

Another perspective is the association of a big fish as being a prize or trophy, others have seen fish to mean life force, or potential. You have whole, complete prizes or potentials within you. When you begin to think about yourself, you go deeper into your subconscious (walking down stairs). When you are half way there, you meet your mother- she is the controlling, perhaps frustrated and angry part of yourself. She throws the cut off fish head at you. You are (she is) throwing the unused, wasted part of your potential, your life, at yourself. Perhaps you are frustrated with yourself. The open-mouthed fish head is the demanding, angry, frustrated and wasted potential you have not used--it frightens you.

The second part of the dream is connected. It is showing you what the results of your potential can be. Cooked Salmon represents an excellent, delicious meal to many people. The fact that it was plentiful (as were the uncooked fish) is significant. You are showing the results of processing or cooking or using your life force or your potential. It will bring you lots and lots of excellent, delicious prizes! Good Luck!

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