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Being chased in dreams
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Being Chased in Dreams

I am walking down my street and everything is fine, but when I look behind me, there are these 2 creatures or spirits chasing me. (I have no clue what they were.) So naturally I start to run real fast to try to get away. However when I look behind me again they are catching up. Then they are right behind me ready to catch me, however just as they reach out for me, I start to fly. and I look back and they are on the ground just looking at me. Then I wake up............I have had this dream 2 times before.

Second one:

I start to climb a ladder that is leaning on a house. As I get to the top, The ladder falls, and I go with it. Then that's when I wake up.( But what's weird about this is that I can feel the pain in my dream, and when I wake up I still feel the pain for a few seconds.) I have had this dream a few times since I was little. I also want to say, that sometimes when I wake up I am almost falling off my bed, and I get that falling sensation, so I was thinking maybe something or someone like maybe my guardian angel or something was warning me or something...I dunno.

In the first dream, the chase usually represents a feeling of anxiety in the dreamer, you feel anxious about something going on in your life. The good thing about the dream is that you take control, you find resources to deal with your predicament and you rise above your problem. Perhaps that is the message you are trying to tell yourself, rise above, you can handle it.

The second dream seems to be about your climb in life. Houses usually represent yourself, your personality or your body. Could you be worrying about climbing too high? Are you attempting something in your life that is making you feel worried , anxious or unbalanced? You seem to be feeling unsteady or unsafe in your situation and fear falling or failing. Whatever it is that you are attempting, is it causing you pain in your life in some way or do you anticipate it causing you pain?

The other cause for pain in a dream is an actual physical cause, for example you can dream of pain when you have to go to the bathroom, or you can dream of pain when you have a sore back. If you feel your pain might have a physical cause, check with a doctor.

I dreamed that my family and I were being chased for a very long time and we would hide in many strange places (ex. stove) to get away. Then I found myself in jail and they gave me a bowl of fruit and the fruit had holes in it with worms pertruding from it.

Chasing dreams are usually about fears or anxiety. Perhaps you feel compelled to stay out of sight. (hiding) You might feel forced to stay in a small hot place(stove) to stay safe. You might feel like you are in jail, unable to move freely about. The fruit might be a symbol of sustenance or what you require to live. The fact that it has worms might mean that you feel this sustenance is decaying. Do you have fears about going about your daily life after Sept.11? This dream might reflect this if you do.

One thing you can do is write out your dream with a new ending. In the new version, turn and face whatever is chasing you. Imagine what you see and write it down. You can make the monster into whatever you want, including a cuddly puppy. The puppy can then jump into your arms and you can hug it or you can use the same imagery of your dream and create another bowl of fruit, this time with fresh, lovely, clean fruit which you can then eat and become the most powerful person on Earth. Often in dreams when we get up the courage to turn around and face whoever is chasing us, the monster melts away and sometimes changes into something comical or silly. The humour immediately breaks the tension of the dream and you feel an immediate sense of control and power. Re-writing your dream might help you if you have another one. You might remember while you are running away from the monstor that you are dreaming and you have a new ending, you can then dream the new dream instead.

Disclaimer: This site is meant to provide information only. We are not therapists but have done extensive research into the study of dreams. If you are distressed please seek professional help.

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