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I had a dream that my son and I were shot twice in the upper chest and when I tried to call 911 no one would answer. I tried at least 4 times and gave up then I said to my son we don't need to go to the hospital anyway because we aren't bleeding anyway. I remember looking at the wounds in my dream and they were closed with just a line like they were already healed. I never saw who ran up to us and shot us and I never saw my sons face in the dream.

It sounds like you may have been wounded (maybe twice) by something. Your son might represent your vulnerability. You are calling to the authorities for help but you are getting no answer. This could mean that you are calling out to the controlling part of yourself for help, but you are not responding. The part of yourself that is in charge is not paying attention. Eventually you notice that your wound is partially healed so you give up. You might be reminding yourself that there is a scar left over.


I had a dream about my teeth, there was one tooth and it was a little black and when I went to touch it I pulled out a worm and my tooth on the inside was kind of green. I went to touch my tooth for the second time and it was soft almost like it was melting away.

Any idea on what that could mean?

Here are some ideas about what the symbols in your dream might represent:

teeth-smile, presentation, age, wisdom worm- parasite, decomposing green tooth- gone bad or rotten soft tooth- weak, deteriorating

You must examine the symbols and see what they mean to you. Perhaps you see something about yourself that is exposed publicly as beginning to decay. Part of it has already been destroyed and another part of it is weakened and beginning to deteriorate.

This is just an idea, only you can know what these symbols mean to you.

Hope this helps.


For about four years now since I was in grade 8 to the present I have been having this dream ocasinally that I am at school or on the bus and I have no shoes on and I am embarresed about it and I try and find them but I never do and sometimes while im looking for them really wierd things happen on the way. I have always wondered what this meant thank you for your help.

Your dream has some very interesting symbols in it. Shoes can represent a few things. They can represent your own sense of your foundations or the basic principles you live by. It can also represent spiritual foundations.

Having exposed feet can mean that you feel vulnerable or a lack of protection. Perhaps on a few occasions, you have lost sight of your basic principles. Being on the bus or at school might represent being out in the world on life's journey. Losing your foundations has left you feeling exposed, vulnerable, unprotected and embarrassed.

In your dream you might be judging yourself. Embarrassment can represent your own sense of shame. Is it possible that over the years you have done the odd thing that is against your basic principles of right and wrong? Is your higher self trying to show you the error of your ways?

Having wierd things happen while you are trying to find your principles kind of makes sense, doesn't it? Having this dream repetitively means that you might want to use this type of dream as a red flag. Whenever you dream it, think about what you have been doing in your life and whether or not you should change things that don't feel right.

What an excellent tool for you to use in your life, the wisdom in you seems to be trying to keep you on the right track.

Good for you!

Heaven and Hell

I recently had a dream involving heaven and hell. In the dream, which was very vivid and realistic, I was in Heaven but only on a "trial period". I was trying desperately to stay there and not be sent to hell. It was very stressful, and very eerie and I woke with a feeling of not having slept at all. I was unable to shake the feeling of death and heaven and hell the whole day after the dream. I was wondering if the dream had a direct association with death itself or is there another meaning it could have had?

Perhaps there is some situation in your life that you view as a beautiful, wonderful thing(heaven). For some reason, you don't feel like you have secured this situation(trial period). Your dream seems to reflect feelings of insecurity and fear of losing this great thing. The trial period might indicate that you feel you have not been fully accepted in this wonderful place/relationship (whatever it might be) yet. The fact that you were 'trying desperately' to stay might mean that you are resisting change or are afraid of the consequences of change that might bring pain and suffering(hell).

Your feelings in your dream seem to be, stress, desperation, fear. You might want to try to meditate on these feelings, has anything in your life caused you to experience these feelings lately?

Only you can tell whether or not these ideas ring true. If they don't, go back to the symbols and themes of your dream (heaven, trial period, trying to stay, hell) and think about them or write about them. What do they mean to you? Why did you use them? You can even ask the questions and just write down your answers and see what comes up.

If these ideas do ring true, perhaps you are trying to face some fear in your life. Sometimes, if you go back into your dream in your mind and re-write the dream, this time seeing what happens if........, it can be very helpful. The beauty of facing fears in a dream is that you can always wake up.

Hope this helps.

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