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Houses In Dreams

I am in a huge and beautiful old mansion of a house. It is immaculate and in very good condition. (I drive a school bus in an elite area, and love antiques.) The house had at one time been rented by my older sister and her family. (She has rented and still lives in, mansions.)

The problem is, I know that the house is haunted. I can't believe we are moving to this place, but know it is temporary. Still, my friends help us to move in. I dread the upper bedrooms. I know that the "red" room is haunted, but we don't really have to use it. The downstairs blue master bedroom is totally haunted and has the most enormous closet and bathroom and is wonderful, but I will NOT use the room.

The occurrences finally happen in the kitchen. The room is swirling with invisible demons, and they press against me, trying to kill me, and I am finally able to ask Jesus to help me. He does, and the evil must leave us alone, but I know that I need to leave, and only have enough time to get out. I try to gather my children and leave, but doors slam in my face, and someone is always missing, and I have to search the house, facing the terror, and finally, finally, we get out of the house, or I wake up terrified.

Carl Jung talked about recurring dreams he had in which he would discover parts of his house that he didn't know existed. In that dream the house represented his personality and the new things he discovered in the house related to new developments in his work.

Houses in dreams usually represent parts of ourselves. It is important that you think about what the symbols in this dream represent to you. I will give you one interpretation but I caution you, this does not mean that it is correct because only you know what these symbols really mean.

Your image of yourself is beautiful, immaculate and in very good shape. There might be parts of yourself that frighten you or haunt you. The red room could represent anger or danger. You might be afraid of your own anger and know you 'really don't have to use it'.

What does blue represent to you? It seems to be a large part of you that you view as wonderful. Unfortunately you are frightened or haunted by it and will 'NOT' use the room.

The kitchen might represent your core personality, kitchens tend to have a lot of activity and creativity going on. In your core, the scary parts are pressing in, demanding expression? You fear they will kill you. If you acknowledge them, will they destroy an image you have of yourself?

Jesus might represent the good and pure saviour in you. This good part of you can save you, but you feel you must still leave the house to be safe. Does this mean you must leave your true self to be safe? You find it difficult to leave the house, if it does represent yourself, it is understandable why it is difficult to leave. Are there parts of yourself that seek expression? They seem to be parts you feel are wonderful but for some reason you fear them.

I had a dream recently of an ex boyfriend who has come back into my life. I was asleep in a room, and he came to the window and knocked on it at night. I opened the window and asked him what he was doing. He asked me to come outside so I climbed through the window and as I jumped down, I felt something go into my foot.. I bent down and pick a shard of green glass out of my foot. When I stood back up, he was standing there to my left and his ex girlfriend was standing there to my right, she had come from the side of the house. I started to ask what was going on and he asked me to come to the edge of the yard where the shadows were.. So I walked into the shadows with him and he pulled out a gun, shoving it into my chest over my heart. I looked at his face and it was all twisted, with anger and frustration, he was crying. He kept saying he had to do it, had to kill me or he'd never be happy.. and then his ex girlfriend who was still to my right kept yelling his name and saying do it, that they'd never be happy until I was gone, that they couldn't! ever be together. So I looked back at him, in the face, calmy bent my arms at the elbow, palms facing out towards him, kinda up in a defensive stance, and said "do it" then I woke up.

This dream is about you going back to the stage in your life represented by your ex. You recognize it will be painful but you must do it. One interesting thing, when you see something or someone on your right in a dream, it often means that it is literally the 'right way'. This seems to hold up in your dream. In your dream you are agreeing to end your current life situation.

Hi my name is Ann, I am 40yrs old and have been having nightmares most of my life. But recently I have been having really bad nightmares and when I wake up I'm either down the hall from my room or outside of my house on the porch. The real bad ones started about one week before the TWC Bombings, I had a dream that my room was falling out from under me, another one was a wheel was coming in on top of me. All of which I had to slide out of bed very carefully and run. Once the bombings happened they stopped, now they have returned. I stopped watching anything about the bombings thinking that maybe it was triggered by them, but why have I been having more now? I'm not affected by this as I live in S.C. and am in not in any harms way. These dreams have kept me from sleeping for some time now and I am not the only one affected by this.

I have a roomate and he has been having horrifying dreams since he started staying with me over a week ago. Several years ago a woman was killed on the property where we live, her husband killed her and burried her in a shallow grave. They found her body and he is serving life for it. There have been many things that have occured since we moved on this road 6 yrs ago. Things will disappear and then reappear in a few days , people have seen a woman walking on our street at night. I don't know what to do to sleep at night other than keep a light on so when I wake up I know that I'm in my room and I'm safe. It sounds really weird to be 40yrs old and have to sleep with the light on.. Any help you can give me would be great, I've had the house blessed and we have dream catchers, but the dreams are still there. I hope to hear from you soon,I'd almost pay for a good nights sleep!!! Thanks, Ann.

P.S. I even have them when I'm away from the house, they were bad in a few other houses I've lived in.. Help I'm loosing my mind, and getting married again and don't want him to think I'm a chicken...

First of all, I think you should see a doctor about sleepwalking. Sleepwalking can be caused from a physical disorder and a doctor might be able to help you with it. Sleepwalking can be very dangerous to you and others so firstly, stay safe.

Your bad dreams might very well be related to the WTC attacks. Nightmares after a trauma of this kind are normal. It is your way of trying to understand and accept what has happened. Usually over time they ease up. I spoke with others who felt that something was about to happen just before the attacks. You might be among some of the more sensitive people who can pick up on these sorts of things before they happen. The nightmares we are having during this time of history are reflecting the emotions we are struggling with.

The dream about the room falling out from under you is a fascinating metaphor. The floor might represent your support structures or security foundations. If this dream is about the WTC event, you might be feeling as though your foundations and security have disappeared. This could also represent or reflect some other event going on in you life.

The second dream about the wheel is also full of symbols.

Wheel--rolling along, movement, progression, cycle Rolling-- rolled over, beyond your control, no consideration for your well-being(indiscriminate) Bed-- place of safety and security and comfort.

Again, this dream might represent your feelings of loss of security or safety. This could also be a result of the WTC attack. These feelings are logical and normal considering what has happened, you might feel the world has changed and your sense of security is altered.

The paranormal events in your home might simply be a distraction. At the very least, they are likely adding to your overall sense of fear and lack of control. You might be best dealing with these issues in a spiritual way. If you have ever meditated, you can repeat to yourself something soothing in order to enter a state of relaxation. I believe in God and therefore use 'be still and know that I AM here.' Repeating this over and over, calms me and soon fears evaporate. You might feel more comfortable using something else. No matter what you use, it is an excellent way to calm fears. You can go there anytime you need to, including the middle of the night.

A wonderful side effect of this practice is that you begin to draw meaning from the events that have occurred in your life and the world and it really helps you to cope. Deep muscle relaxation is another way to help you fall asleep. Tightening, holding and then releasing your muscles, starting with legs then going upward, ending with your face really works well too. After each muscle group, tell yourself you are completely relaxed.

Once you have managed to get to sleep, if you find yourself having another nightmare, one of the best techniques to use is to become lucid or aware in your dream. Often, people are so afraid in the dreams, they become conscious of the fact that they are dreaming. Once this happens, they usually choose to wake up. Lucid dreaming experts have found that if you can gather your strength and remain in your dream, you can gain control of the outcome. In your case, you should keep in mind that you are a sleepwalker with anything you create. For example, when the floor starts to fall away, you imagine a beautiful pile of soft feathers that you will gently fall into. Once you fall into it, you discover there is a special gift, hidden in among the feathers waiting there just for you. You can make the gift whatever you like. The point is, turn the nightmare into a dream. Gain control of it and make it into something good and fun. If you can do this, your fear will vanish. If you are unable to become lucid in your dream, you can simply think of the dream while you are awake and rewrite the ending in your mind, this works well too. By using these techniques, you will begin to feel like you have some control over dreams and your life.

I hope some of these techniques will work for you. If they don't, you should consider seeking professional help.

Sweet dreams!

I dreamt that some guys came in our house. There was only me my mom and my little sister. They got us and I got the cell phone and ran to the back of the house. Well they got me and took the cell away from me and the guy that got me got my hands and cut me on the both hands. This girl was with them and they cut her finger so just a little of blood could come out. Well she had cancer and she put a little drop of her blood on my cut. I was drippin in blood. Then I woke up. What does my dream mean?

I will list your symbols and try to draw meaning this way: house -self, body, personality mom - mature self sister- immature self house invasion- feeling vulnerable, or violated took cell- stopped you from calling for help, unable to get help hands- used for working, loving, helping, sensitive part cut hands- painful, hurt, can't use them girl - a part of yourself? blood - life force

What were your emotions in your dream? When you knew the girl had cancer, did this make any sense to you? Can you make sense of it now? The cancer could represent illness or it could be a symbol for something that is taking over your life. What did this girl look like? Others in dreams usually represent parts of ourselves. You seem to be feeling violated and vulnerable and this violation has injured your symbolic hands. You have to think about the symbols and decide what they mean to you. What do you think of when you think of hands? If you are not sure about the cancer part of the dream, think about your life, is there something in your life that acts like a cancer, preventing you from living your life in some way? Do you have an illness that you know about already? If so, you might be dreaming about the effects it is having on you and how it is making you feel. You will be the best judge of the meaning of your symbols.

Forgive me if my thoughts are not complete here and there, as I can only remember parts of the dreams when I awake. Then it's a matter of remembering it over time as some of these dreams reoccur and some do not.

One definite image that I remember is either the deconstruction of my house, or the house not yet constructed. I can see trusses and studs and no drywall or insulation, but everything else in the rooms is present as they are today.

Another image that I remember is the reoccurring dream of snakes. They are usually totally surrounding me and I try as best I can to get rid of them, usually by wrapping them up in a blanket or something and releasing them outdoors. They constantly attempt to enter the house, as I remember picking them up and throwing them away whilst entering the house.

In my latest dream about the snakes, I remember each time I touched one of them they would transform into a pen, but everytime I let go, it would become a snake. I remember it trying to go through a hole in my wall, and when I touch it, it becomes a pen, and I can easily remove it, but usually end up dropping it.


I will go through the symbols in your dream and try to give you some ideas to get you thinking. Ultimately the symbols belong to you and only you can know the accurate meaning. house - almost always represents you, your personality or your body deconstruction of house - tearing down of self incomplete contstruction - self not finished, still building personality, ideals, etc., only frame is there snakes - can represent re-birth or wisdom (knowledge of good and evil), it keeps trying to come to you but you try to avoid it pen-snake - does your wisdom/creativity relate to pens and writing? hole in wall - pathway, passage, hole in box, way out of box? Are you feeling boxed in? Looking at the overall image, it seems like perhaps the knowledge and wisdom that is available to you keeps trying to come to you but you are trying to get rid of it. When you actually touch it, it turns into a pen. This is an important clue for you. It seems as though whatever you should be doing relates to pens or writing. It seems as though even though you can remove the nuisance of this wisdom or knowledge or re-birth coming at you, you can't seem to control it, you drop it and lose control of it or it keeps trying to come back. It seems to have a power of it's own and is determined to make you pay attention. I hope this helps.

I was just wondering what does it means when you dream of moving from house to house all the time?

Houses in dreams often represent parts of your mind or personality. Perhaps your dream simply reflects your awareness of different parts of your personality. Maybe you have been moving from one part of yourself to another, trying out different aspects of yourself. Maybe you are trying to decide who you really are?

Hi, I had a dream that I went to a friend's house who lives next door. There was a large wood in front of our houses, in the dream we went in to the wood. When we got there most of the wood had been cleared away, that is in the center of it. There were lots of BEARS in the woods. We got closer to the animals to make sure that it was true. Then they looked up and started running to us, then we started to run away from them and we got away.

It seems that there was another dream in this one, that the BEARS got someone. But in the dream, I said this cannot be happening, because in the other dream everybody was allright.

Can you help my with this dream? Olsen

I will go through your symbols:

friend's house - house usually a part of self, personality or body, the fact that it was your friend's house might mean it is a part of you that you like large woods - maze, dark, unknown, scarey, inhospitable, could also represent some part of your body going into woods - entering into the unknown, scarey place clearing at center of woods - open, light, awareness, able to see danger now Bears - could represent personal qualities associated with bears (aggression, anger, dangerous)or could represent anxieties in life or physical problems in body) Once you see bears, they attack - you might fear that seeking out what is dangerous might cause you to be attacked Even though you appeared to escape, someone seems to have been killed - Perhaps on the surface you have escaped but on some other level the attacker got you.

It seems as though you are about to venture into unknown territory. You are having anxieties about it. Your dream seems to show that once you enter, there will be a clearing or an awareness or understanding. You might fear that the process of venturing in might be dangerous and cause you misfortune or cause you to change. Even though on the surface it might appear that you are OK, on some level you were attacked and this attack might indicate a change in you that might mark the end of a part of you and the beginning of new growth and development for you.

I had an odd dream last night unlike any I have ever had. My family had just moved into a huge new house, very modern and spacious (my family in the dream wasn't my family in real life). Of what I remembered, I picked out the room I wanted and then went outside into a very large yard where I had a pet whale in a huge white pool. The whale was very tame; it would jump out of the water and come to the edge of the pool so that I could pet its nose. In the pool there were also salmon swimming, which I kept trying to feed to the whale but it wouldn't eat them. The last thing I remember was that there were a few dead salmon around the edge of the pool (I think they were the dead fish I tried to feed the whale). Thanks for your help, Alex.

Houses in dreams usually represent yourself or your personality or body. The fact that it is very spacious might indicate vast potential. Your options seem to be open to you since you picked the room you wanted. The large yard again indicates lots of luxurious, play space in your life. The pet whale might represent something pure and endangered and beautiful or whatever you think of when you think of whales. Water usually represents spirituality in dreams. The playful, loving whale might represent that part of yourself that is also spiritual. The salmon represent a source of survival for the whale, it is there but the whale won't eat it. Fish often represent a creative source. The dead salmon around the edge are wasted and rotting. The creative source goes unused and is wasted.

Perhaps you see that you are full of potential but you are not using the creative source that is available to you.

Think about the symbols for yourself, decide their true meaning. In this way you can make more sense from this image.

This is a dream I had last night:

I was at my parents house and they were having a party. There was this boy-man there and he was wise-cracking with, lets call Man A. I was also having a pleasant conversation with Man A until, the boy-man made an unnecessary comment toward me. I went off the handle real quickly, told him I wasn't in the mood for his b.s., and hit him hard a couple times. He was not hurt. He left the room. I followed him, opened the door leading to the stairs, and found him gagging his nose ( lik e people to to their throats if they want to vomit) and bleeding all over the tan rug.

I took him outside with a sense of pride. I continued to beat him up really bad, hitting his face into the ground, into a car door, etc. He was bleeding and somewhat physically hurt, but he wasn't affected by it. He was laughing and making more comments. ( I think it was) my sister who took out a cobra snake, so it could watch him and protect us. I remember feeling that I didn't want the snake to hurt the boy-man, but it was an unruly creature, and I didn't want to get hurt by it either. It slithered out in the street, but I was worried now that the snake was going to get run-over by a car. I didn't want it to get hurt as well. The snake, in fact, did get run over a few moments later. It got mangled up, but shortly after, it repaired itself and grew in size, probably to the length of four feet by four feet. I wasn't scared of its new size; I was kind of intrigued by it actually, that it had managed to survive being run over and had grown in the process.

This is is only a section of the actual dream. There were other parts of it, but I understand what they mean to me for the most part. By writing this out, I understand this section more. A second opinion would be nice though.

I will go through the dream's symbols or metaphors and see what we find, these are just some ideas for you:

parent's house - place of security or familiarity, safe/familiar part of self party - leisure, dream might relate to social part of life boy-man - immature self, not fully grown Man - A- Adult self? harassed by boy-man while trying to relate to ManA hit boy-man - expressed frustration or anger at own immaturity? proud of attacking him - proud to be trying to gain control of immaturity? bleeding nose - loss of life force continual beating - extreme frustration/anger, attempting to kill him or kill immaturity boy-man still not hurt, continues to harass - immaturity still present sister - protective part of self? cobra snake - dangerous, powerful, wisdom, knowledge of good/evil, can also be symbol of medicine/cure or sexual symbol worry about snake - fear it will get out of control and get hurt slithered into street - wandered into harms way, failed to control it or protect it, allowed it out snake run over - wise or knowledgible or powerful/dangerous self gets hurt but survives and is strengthened by event

Here are some thoughts, you can study the symbols and likely draw more from them than I:

Perhaps you are trying to be more mature but the immature side of yourself keeps interfering, even when you try to beat it back. You might be trying to use your natural widsom and knowledge and/or power to try to protect yourself. You might be uncomfortable and fearful of using this part of yourself because you feel a lack of control over it, you are afraid you might get hurt by it. Perhaps the message is that even if you go ahead and use it and get hurt by it, you will survive and become stronger and wiser as a result of your experience.

Disclaimer: This site is meant to provide information only. We are not therapists but have done extensive research into the study of dreams. If you are distressed please seek professional help.

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