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pregnancy symbols in dreams
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Pregnancy in Dreams

I had a dream last night that I was walking thru a baby graveyard looking for a child that I had aborted years ago. Some graves had headstones but most were just markers. As I was walking, searching, I saw my ex (the father) also walking thru the graveyard. As we spoke he told me that he always went there looking too. I've never dreamed of this before. I am married now to another man but when I awoke from this dream, my wedding rings were off, under my pillow. What do you think this means?????

The baby graveyard is probably representing the place in your mind or soul where you have buried your memory of the event. The fact that some graves had stones and others had markers might show that the ones with gravestones were fully acknowledged and remembered but the others weren't. The image of your ex is likely just the image that brings out these memories in you. Perhaps on some level you are grieving for the lost pregnancy. Perhaps you need to acknowledge this past event more in order to move on in your new life.

I had a dream of having a baby.

Your dream is a very common one and usually represents a new beginning or a new creation in your life. It is generally very positive and indicates growth in your life!

I had a dream that I was pregnant, it was so real that I could still remember feeling the baby kicking inside me,for some reason in the dream we were all focusing on the fact that you could feel her arm. What is even stranger is that I'am in no way shape or form trying to get pregnant, or worried about being pregnant. I always remember my dreams and I did a lot of research on them in psychology classes throughout the years. This is the first dream that has really left me mystified. I would love to hear any feedback on this.

Pregnancy often represents new growth in your life, growing creativity. The baby kicking inside could represent the idea that your creation or creative potential is trying to kick you to get your attention. Focusing on the arm might be a clue for you. An arm might represent something specific for you. What do you think of when you think of an arm? Could it represent using the arm to direct or point or does it represent your creativity? Are you an artist or do you use your arm physically in your hobby or passion such as writing or sports? You must think about this and try to draw your own meaning from it.

I have been having nightmares every night for the past month. They won't seem to go away. In one nightmare I was nine months pregnant and went into false labor, then all of a sudden I was in a bathroom stall and the person who had gotten me pregnant did not know I was in there and shot a bullet through the door which hit me in the stomach. What does this mean? (Note: I have never been pregnant.)

I also had a nightmare that a close male friend, who is good friends with my boyfriend was shooting at me. We get along well, so I don't see where that would come from. I had a dream about large cats, all different types panthers, leopard, tigers, etc. They were all playing in a yard and a pet kitten was attacked by one of them. There were guns in this dream as well. I'm not giving much detail because I don't quite remember everything and it would take forever if I did. These are the main things I remember, the first nightmare mentioned had me bothered for two days. Please, let me know why you think these nightmares are occurring and why guns are always present in them.

Pregnancy often represents a new event about to take place in your life, a new creation of yours or a rebirth of yourself. False labor might indicate that you are not quite ready for the change. The person who got you pregnant in this case would be you, since you are the creator of the change. Perhaps you have accidentally shot yourself(stopped yourself), preventing the change from occurring? Perhaps you have done this because you are not quite ready?

In the second dream, your friend might represent a friendly, loving part of yourself. Again, you are shooting at yourself, maybe trying to stop yourself.

In the third dream, cats often represent an independent nature. Large cats might represent the adult part of yourself. The pet kitten is innocent and playful, this might represent the child in you, vulnerable, playful and innocent. The innocent in you is being attacked by the stronger, independent part of yourself. You should think about the symbols of the cats. What do you think of when you think of the large cats? The theme in your dreams seems to relate to one part of yourself attacking the other. Are you sabotaging yourself? The part of yourself that you are stopping, is it more innocent and playful? Are you perhaps trying to become more innocent or playful but are being stopped by the controlling, adult in yourself? Only you can know for sure if this makes sense. Think about your symbols and try to draw more meaning from them.

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