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The symbol of a Gun in Dreams

Dream Sharing

Guns In Dreams

I was just a little curious because last night I had a dream about someone driving by me in a red trans am and pulling a gun on me. My brother said two nights before he had a dream a guy was at a concession stand, offered him a hot dog, he said no thank you, and kept walking. The guy jumped over the counter pulling a tommy gun on him. They started fighting until he woke up! He said he told our friend about it that day, and our friend told him that that was weird because he had a dream someone shot him!! Does this mean anything??

The different dreams could mean different things for each of you. The gun can be a phallic symbol. In your case the fact that you dreamt of a car could be that someone is trying to overpower you psychologically or sexually and that you are feeling that you have no control of the situation.

The fact that the car is red could be a symbol of passion or anger. The gun can also be a symbol of control or power and you and your friends maybe feeling powerless in your personal lives.

Try to think what it could be referring to in your lives and think what you can do to get control of the situation. The fact that your brother dreamt of a hotdog, which is clearly another phallic image, could also be sexually related. Make sure there isn't anyone you know who has some control in your life and who is trying to take sexual advantage of you or your friends.

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