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There are symbols found in the human unconscious that mean similar things to all of us. By understanding these symbols, it is possible to analyze our dreams and to learn from them. Our life experiences influence our interpertation of these symbols and as a result each person's dream is unique to them and can only be truly understood by them. The purpose of this site is to help you analyze your own dreams based on those common images. For more information on dreams symbols. Click Here


When analyzing dreams it is important to try and determine what has instigated the dream. Dreams can result from a variety of factors. For instance in some circumstances eating something difficult to digest before bed can cause dream's to be revealed as meaningless images.

In other instances the flu can cause dreams to become fragmented visions caused from a sick body trying to heal itself. Although these pictures mean nothing to us logically, there is likely some pattern there that is applicable to the body. In still other instances dreams can reveal emotional struggles.

Although dreams can result from a variety of different factors, more often than not, the dreams we recall can be understood. We can recreate the story line, which we can later write down and analyze. These dreams can give us great insights into what we're dealing with in our lives at a particular moment in time.

They can depict both minor and major emotional struggles. They can also depict problems you have within yourself. These depictions can be some of the most profound life changing messages you will ever receive.

In his book on Edgar Cayce, Henry Reed talks about a higher self or 'the witness', which watches everything we do, say, feel and think. Our higher self never goes to sleep, it is always awake, watching, processing and seeing things from an objective perspective as we struggle through our lives.

Our higher self is aware of and connected with the creative energy of the universe. It uses this energy to get our lives back on track by sending us messages through our dreams.

It is because of this higher self that there is no one better than you for analyzing your own dreams. Only you can understand what you need?

A therapist can look at your life and see from the outside what appears to be the problem, but only you can see yourself from the inside, having full knowledge of all of your personal history and all of your secrets.

No therapist can help you if you leave out what could be the most important information of all when trying to deal with a symptom you may be experiencing. You are the only one who knows the full story.

Our higher self can create images in our dreams in an instant. It can embed symbols inside of dramatic stories, which from beginning to end can have profound meaning for us.

In her recent book, Debbie Ford talks about the holographic model of the universe. This theory describes every living thing as being a small part of the whole universe.

The best way to describe this theory is to think of the universe as a large mirror. When a mirror breaks, each piece becomes a mirror in and of itself but at the same time is a piece of the whole. Similarly a drop of water out of the ocean contains all of the same elements of the whole ocean. In other words we are all unique and yet exactly alike and by recognizing patterns in our self, we can relate the patterns to others.

Dreams have also been described as prophetic or precognitive, actually depicting an event, which has not yet occurred in our time. Skeptics of prophecy have been shocked into belief when they themselves have suddenly experienced a personal precognitive dream.

These types of dreams can occur to warn of impending illness or accidents. Sometimes they occur to prepare people for an inevitable death about to occur in the family.

For instance, I dreamt of the death of my young dog. I loved this dog like it was my child. In the dream I experienced gut wrenching grief and endless tears. A year later I was forced to put my dog to sleep as she had severe epilepsy, seizuring up to 10 times a day.

It was when I was experiencing the grief in real life that I suddenly remembered the dream. In it, a spirit had stood before me with outstretched arms and took my beautiful puppy from me. It comforted me knowing he was taking her and looking after her for me. That memory, which occurred in the dream, comforted me a great deal in real life.

So dreams can be many things for us. They are a gift from the universe. We can go through life ignoring them, or we can use them, pay attention to them, take advantage of them and learn from them. The answers are there for us; all we have to do is look.


Nightmares can cause terror in children and adults. In some cases the same scene occurs over and over never giving the dreamer any relief or a chance to rest.

Many children go through times in their development when nightmares can become a real problem. Sometimes, even for adults, nightmares become so intense they believe they are interacting with evil from outside themselves.

The most important thing is to never discount anyone's experiences with nightmares because there is so much about the universe that cannot be explained.

Edgar Cayce believed that evil thoughts are actually material things manifested by us. In other words by believing in raw evil you can actually create it.

The best advice to give someone struggling with nightmares is to tell them to get a hold of their thoughts! Fear and panic are the worst enemies in dealing with nightmares.

The more an individual panics, the bigger the evil will become. When it gets out of control, it doesn't matter whether or not the evil originated within someone's own thoughts. The problem is that it now has a life of it's own and will destroy the individual if they let it.

There are different ways of dealing with nightmares when they are occurring. It is important for the individual to become conscious of the fact that they are dreaming. If the person can calm themselves down enough, they can become conscious of the fact that they are dreaming. At this point if they are religious they can pray to God for guidance. If not they can think of pleasant peaceful thoughts.

It is often easier for individuals who meditate or pray on a regular basis because a peaceful connection can be made quickly in their dreams.

If you are religious develop a prayer that really helps you get connected to God in your heart. Develop that feeling of being connected so that all you have to do is say the prayer and that feeling of pure love, peace and safety will wash over you instantly. It takes practice but it is possible.

If you aren't religious, try meditating using a relaxation tape that helps you create a peaceful feeling. Once you have that feeling instilled in your subconscious you can reach out to it when you need it.

Nightmares can also signify deeply rooted psychological problems. Individuals who have been abused as children will suppress memories at the time of the abuse only to dream of them years later.

When individuals begin dreaming of the trauma of the past, it is usually an indicator that there conscious mind is getting ready to remember it.

In cases like these individuals should try to seek counselling to help them get through the trauma. If this isn't possible, they should try reading books on child abuse to give them an insight into their situation.

This is also indicative of individuals suffering from other forms of post traumatic stress disorder. It is common for them to be haunted by nightmares as they relive the traumatic event.

It is advisable for individuals suffering from these kinds of nightmares to get counselling to help them work through the trauma.

Children have a difficult time with nightmares because they have trouble differentiating between dreams and reality. With children it is necessary to sometimes be creative in helping them to deal with their nightmares.

The "dream catcher" is an excellent concept that originated in North American Native culture. It is a circular structure made of flexible wood, leather, feathers and beads.

Children hang it in their windows at night and it catches all of their bad dreams before the bad dreams can get to them. If these types of distraction methods don't work, one is forced to try to help the child deal with the dream itself.

A friend of mine taught his daughter to try not to wake up from her nightmare until she had started to fly. With this suggestion from her father, the young girl remembered the next time she was having her nightmare and she was able to stay in it until she had started to fly.

Once she began to fly she was able to destroy whatever had been bothering her in the dream and she was free to glide freely and happily. After that she was so excited she ran to wake up her father to tell him.

Children have been taught to try to control nightmares in other ways. In another instance a child was told to try to turn and face the monster and tell it to go away.

Helping a child deal with a nightmare is difficult and it needs consistent support from the child's parents. If a child is fortunate enough to have parents who will take the time to help them work it out, they are half way there and will eventually find a way to slay their dragon.

For some children the root of the nightmare could be caused by a tragedy occurring in their real lives. This could be as a result of abuse or neglect. If parents cannot find a way to help their child, professional help should be sought.

Disclaimer: This site is meant to provide information only. We are not therapists but have done extensive research into the study of dreams. If you are distressed please seek professional help.
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